The 2024 Tesla Model 3 has officially been unveiled, just a few hours after images of it leaked online. In addition to bringing with it a refreshed exterior design, the new Model 3 receives an updated interior and a host of other improvements that will boost its range.

Visually, the most significant alterations have been made to the front and rear facias of the Model 3, as is expected for mid-life facelift models like this. The front includes a pair of slim LED headlights with incorporated daytime running lights sitting above a revised bumper with sharper lines and a new lower grille opening. Similarly, the rear end has also been freshened up with new LED taillights while Tesla has also crafted new 18-inch Photon and 19-inch Nova wheels for the EV.

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Updates made to the EV’s interior are arguably of more importance than those changes to the outside. The minimalistic philosophy has been retained but Tesla has crafted a new dashboard for the Model 3 that includes ambient lighting running across it and flowing into the doors. Speaking of the doors, the Model 3 gets new door panels as well. In addition, the car manufacturer has designed a new steering wheel for the Model 3 that incorporates the turn signals. This means Tesla has deleted the stalks on the steering column and has also moved the gear selector to the touchscreen, a decision that could cause some controversy.

 2024 Tesla Model 3 Looks Better, Has More Range, And A Nicer Interior

Elsewhere, Tesla has revised the seats of the Model 3 and added a ventilated function to those up front. Shoppers can also order the new Model 3 with an improved 17-speaker sound system and Tesla has even managed to increase the size of the trunk from 561 liters (19.8 cubic feet) to 594 liters (20.9 cubic feet). Passengers sitting in the rear also receive an 8-inch touchscreen where they can adjust the climate control settings and access various entertainment functions. The main infotainment screen up front has also grown from 15 inches to 15.4 inches and has slimmer bezels.

 2024 Tesla Model 3 Looks Better, Has More Range, And A Nicer Interior

Tesla has not yet released specifications for the facelifted Model 3 in the United States but what we do know is that its range has been increased by 11-12% in Europe. As such, the entry-level Standard Range RWD can travel up to 344 miles (554 km) on the WLTP cycle while the Long Range is rated at 421 miles (677 km). The Standard Range can hit 100 km/h (62 mph) in 6.1 seconds while the Long Range with its two electric motors can hit that same mark in 4.4 seconds. Tesla has not announced specifications for the facelifted Model 3 Performance.

It remains unclear if Tesla has made changes to the car’s battery to boost its range but we do know that the drag coefficient has been reduced from 0.23Cd to 0.219 Cd, no doubt contributing to the improved range.

Be sure to stay tuned to CarScoops over the coming days as more details about the Model 3 are expected to be announced, including U.S. specifications for it.

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