A new video from Lewisville, Texas demonstrates the danger of a big rig’s blind spot. A small sedan found itself ping-ponging from one semi to another and back again before coming to a stop. The driver appears to have escaped without significant injury.

Driving on public roads can be incredibly dangerous. Some drivers are distracted while others are piloting cars that need significant maintenance. One danger that can sometimes fly under the radar is that of a semi truck’s blind spot. That seems to be the reason that this whole accident happened.

In the video posted to Reddit by user HIM_Darling, we see the small sedan advancing in lane two when the semi in lane one slides to the right. The sedan driver doesn’t take any noticeable action to avoid the collision and the two touch at highway speeds. The truck immediately pulls to the left and the car swings hard right.

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Video Reddit

It crosses lane two and slams into another semi just ahead of the rear tires of the trailer. People die every year from accidents involving that same section of a tractor-trailer but in this case, the sedan escapes only to swerve back across traffic and into lane one.

It’s impossible to tell if they hit the first semi again or not but moments later their momentum carries them back across the highway and back into the far right lane. According to the poster, the driver of the sedan was safely out of the car and walking around not long after the accident.

Why the truck moved over when it did isn’t something we can know for sure but a sign in the video indicates that the lane is about to exit into an express lane. It’s worth noting that in this particular location, semi trucks are not supposed to be in the left lane at all. An image on Google Maps shows a clear sign stating “No Trucks Left Lane” on it near where the accident happened on I-35. Perhaps if the truck driver had heeded that sign this crash would’ve never happened.

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