We have seen plenty of weird things on the American highways but it’s hard to beat the sight of a full-grown Watusi bull riding in a Ford sedan. The incident happened in Norfolk, Nebraska, and became viral after the police pulled over the driver (and bull owner) for citations concerning the state of the vehicle and the unconventional passenger.

According to Norfolk Police Captain, Chad Reiman, who spoke with News Channel Nebraska, they responded to a call about “a car driving into town that had a cow in it”. The officers initially thought that it was going to be “a calf, something small or something that would actually fit inside the vehicle” so they were shocked to see the massive Watusi bull sticking out of the Ford sedan.

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Following the routine traffic stop, the police officers addressed “some traffic violations”, wrote the driver a warning, and asked him to “take the animal back home and leave the city”.

Local media suggest that the bull is called “Howdy Doody” and his owner was identified as Lee Meyer of Neligh. The two have been spotted before in parades and other events in Nebraska. While we don’t know the measurements of “Howdy Doody”, male bulls of the Watusi breed are known to weigh as much as 1,600 pounds (726 kg) and certainly take up a lot of space with their massive horns.

In order to transport the animal, the specially converted Ford Crown Victoria has its roof chopped in half and a single rodeo-style door retrofitted on the passenger side.

A quick search online reveals another video from 6 years ago showing a younger and much smaller “Howdy Doody” enjoying a ride with his owner. According to Lee Meyer’s wife, he bought the bull 8-9 years ago when the animal was only 6 months old. She also said that her husband takes his larger-than-usual pet out once per week to eat grass and enjoy the sight of the highway.

Screenshots: News Channel Nebraska

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