The internet is full of dangerous stunts but we must always remember that behind successful efforts there is always the risk of an accident. This is what happened to Russian stuntman Evheny Chebotarev who launched a Lada Niva off a high building’s roof, ending up smashing it on the ground. Despite the severity of the crash, the driver walked away from the wreckage, sustaining relatively minor injuries.

In a multi-angle video uploaded on social media and shared by Daily Mail, we can see the white Lada Niva trying to perform a jump between two 4-story buildings. Due to obvious miscalculations, the off-roader didn’t have enough room to accelerate on the custom-made ramp in order to safely land on the other side.

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Shortly after launching, the gravity-defying Lada crashed with its windshield on the brick wall of the adjacent building and fell to the ground with its nose. The filming crew watched in horror as the driver climbed out of the wrecked car walking on his feet.

Following his terrifying experience, the stuntman posted on social media admitting that he sustained injuries on his legs and feet and had to visit the hospital. The incident reportedly took place in the Russian Republic of North Ossetia-Alania which is close to the borders with Georgia.

This is not the first time Chebotarev is involved in a serious accident, as two years ago he reportedly broke his spine in a quest to jump a car over a river. His YouTube channel is full of similar stunts, showing him casually jumping over moving vehicles and performing various crash tests. We guess that a detailed video of the Lada Niva fall will be published in the near future since everyone made it out alive.

 Lada Niva Jumps From Rooftop Leading To A 50ft Fall, Driver Miraculously Survives
Looking at those screenshots, it is hard to believe that the driver walked out of this crash.

Evgeny Chevotarev / VK

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