Police in Georgia have shared a shocking dashcam video online that shows the moment an officer performed a PIT maneuver on a Jeep Grand Cherokee at high speed, sending the SUV flying into the air and killing the two occupants.

Local authorities started to chase the Grand Cherokee just before 1 a.m. on the morning of September 30, 2022, noting that it was traveling at a high rate of speed and had changed lanes without using the turn signal.

The driver of the Jeep refused to stop for police and proceeded to speed along the highway at speeds exceeding 100 mph (160 km/h). At one stage, the driver exited the highway and slowed down, allowing one of the passengers to step out of the SUV. The driver then re-entered the I-75/85 highway, this time traveling south and once again significantly exceeding the posted speed limit.

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Soon after, one of the police officers who was after the Jeep decided he had to terminate the chase immediately and hit it from the rear quarter. The force of this impact sent the Grand Cherokee into a grassy embankment on the side of the highway, resulting in it soaring through the air. The SUV can then be seen slamming into a barrier, flipping, and landing on its roof.

Both the driver and passenger of the Jeep were thrown out of it and found dead by police. An AR-15 rifle was also found near the suspects. Local police state that the passenger who jumped out of the Grand Cherokee midway through the pursuit was arrested and transported to a local hospital due to a gunshot wound he suffered prior to the chase.

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