In honor of the 911’s 60th anniversary, Porsche announced earlier this year that it would create a very special edition example of its best-known sports car. Inspired by the 1972 911 S(T), the 2024 911 S/T is the lightest model in the stable on sale today, features the 911 GT3 RS’s engine, and has a manual gearbox. And now, there will be footwear to match.

Porsche announced today that Puma will be creating two limited edition pairs of shoes inspired by both the 911 S/T and the original 911 S(T). Made in two styles, each represents the car it honors and, frustratingly, will be made in slightly varying numbers, so not everyone will be able to get both.

The first shoe is finished in Light Blue, and is inspired by the earlier model. Its slimmer profile is meant to reflect the 911 S(T)’s smaller stature, and each pair will bear the number 56 on the heel, as a nod to the track-focused design of the car.

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 Porsche And Puma Celebrate 60 Years Of 911 With Two Limited Edition Sneakers

Made of a combination of smooth leather and suede, it gets red contrast stitching, and a 911 grille badge on the tongue (as well as within). In honor of the year the first 911 S(T) was created, Puma will manufacture just 1,972 of these shoes, and each will come with its series number to show its uniqueness.

Meanwhile, the newer 911 S/T is being celebrated with a pair of more modern gray sneakers. The color was chosen to mimic the Shore Blue Metallic color that the car comes in. Just like the Porsche, the Puma comes with a cognac brown interior.

The more modern shoe will also bear the number 63, in reference to the first model year of the original 911, as well as Porsche lettering on the heel. It will also have red accents, in addition to one red lace and one black, a feature both pairs share.

 Porsche And Puma Celebrate 60 Years Of 911 With Two Limited Edition Sneakers

In both, the end of the lace features the series number of the shoe. In the case of the more modern pair, Puma has limited production to 1,963 examples—a pair for every person who buys the 2024 Porsche 911 S/T.

Available to purchase at Porsche’s online shop as of September 6, unshod guests of the Porsche Museum store in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen and Weissach will also be able to buy it in person. Prices have not yet been listed.

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