A woman in Texas has been fortunate to survive a scary attack where someone threw a steel spear at her car on a highway.

The frightening incident occurred on Monday at around 9:30 p.m. when Shavone Canales was driving on Interstate 10 in San Antonio. Someone believed to have been standing on the side of the highway is thought to have thrown the spear. It pierced the windshield of Canales’s car and came close to hitting her, only being stopped by the steering wheel.

Canales took to TikTok after the close call and shared two videos detailing her experience. In the first, she shows the spear sticking out of the windshield with the sharp, knife-like end of it pressed against the steering wheel. In the second video, a local police officer can be seen pulling the spear out from the windshield and inspecting it.

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@420juicy This was while i was driving on an access road. This was NOT anyone I know nor was it road rage. Some literally launched this at my car from the side of the road. #almostdied #spear #san antonio #texas #sapd ♬ original sound – Juicyjuice

“Somebody knows something, so I’m hoping somebody comes forward because that is so dangerous,” Canales said while speaking with News4SA. “Because if it’s not me, it’s going to be somebody else.”

Had the spear hit Canales, she could have been seriously injured or killed and local police appear to be taking the case very seriously. Indeed, San Antonio Police Sgt. Washington Mososo confirmed that police are looking at local surveillance cameras to see if they can identify the person who threw the spear.

“We don’t see this often,” Mososo told News4SA. “This is not a game. This is not funny. When we find the person that’s responsible for that, they are going to be arrested.”

If police do arrest the person responsible, they could be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a second-degree felony in Texas that can carry a sentence ranging from 2 to 20 years.

@420juicy Spear through my windshield. Csi pulling it out. Completely random attack. Not road rage nor do I know who did this. This was someone standing on the side of the access road #almostdied #spear #texas #texas #sanantonio ♬ original sound – Juicyjuice

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