Modern performance cars are incredibly capable and a new video of one running from police demonstrates that fact. Arkansas State Police are well-known for their ability to apprehend fleeing suspects but in this case, a Chevrolet Camaro proved too fast. The pursuing officer’s behavior has some questioning his tactics.

It’s rare in today’s world to see a driver escape the police during a chase. Not only is law enforcement more coordinated than ever before but radio communication enables multiple officers to respond at various locations. In this case, a single police car proved no match for a late-model Chevrolet Camaro.

According to data from the dashcam of the Arkansas State Police cruiser in question, this chase happened on June 8th at about 10 p.m. In the video, we see trooper Richard Surrette driving in lane one before he slows down and attempts to pull over a Camaro in lane three.

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Initially, the Chevrolet driver appears to begin pulling over to the right. As the two cars bleed speed and drop down to about 40 mph (64 km/h), the Camaro driver drops a few gears and punches it. That takes place about 1:20 into the video and less than 30 seconds later the muscle car is completely out of view. Despite that, Officer Surrette continues the chase.

Over the next four minutes he hits speeds of 132 mph (212 km/h) on the highway while passing other motorists and over 100 mph (160 km/h) on residential streets. When asked over the radio if he still sees the Camaro, Surrette claims over the radio that he’s “catching tail lights every so often.” The video doesn’t appear to corroborate that.

It’s worth noting that there is no police report attached to the video and that it’s possible that ASP ultimately caught up with the car. The old adage, you can’t outrun the radio, may have proven true here too. Early on in the video we hear Officer Surrette call in the plate number to dispatch. Why he decided to pull the car over in the first place is also a mystery as it doesn’t appear to break any laws during the video.

Image Credit: Police Pursuits

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