Police attempted to pull over a grey Honda Civic Monday night only for the driver to speed away. They later found out that said driver was just 13 years old and had a 19-year-old passenger. Both individuals are facing charges as a result of the chase and damage caused during it.

According to St. Louis police, suspects stole the 2018 Honda Civic in the 4100 block of Flad in the Shaw neighborhood Monday morning. Later that evening, officers spotted the car near the intersection of Michigan and Schirmer. After an attempted traffic stop, the pursuit began.

Authorities say that the driver ran into two vehicles near Arsenal and I-55 before driving onto westbound I-70. Near the 3900 block of West Florissant, officers noticed the suspects tossing something from the car. It later turned out to be a gun. Police say the suspects crashed the car in Old North St. Louis about 10 miles from where the chase began. They attempted to flee the scene on foot but police caught up and apprehended both with tasers.

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The pair included a 13-year-old and a 19-year-old. Both individuals are facing charges of tampering with a motor vehicle and resisting arrest. Police didn’t release any information as to why the younger of the pair was piloting the Honda.

According to local news station KMOV4, they also didn’t release any details about the damage caused to other property in the chase but they did disclose that a second gun, a semi-automatic, was found in the car in addition to the one recovered from West Florissant. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.

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